Access Gmail Even When It Is Blocked [How To]

Tired of your office or school officials blocking Gmail? In today's How To section, we give you a sure shot, step by step guide on How to unblock Gmail.
The whole idea began when Google decided to give Gmail as an addon in iGoogle. When you add the Gmail gadget to igoogle, all your mails are routed through the igoogle address ( instead of, thereby defeating all filters that block domain. So unless your office/school have blocked, this method should work for you.
Here is what you should do:
  1. Sign in to iGoogle with your Google account.
  2. Signup for iGoogle Sandbox.
    The new version of iGoogle which supports Gmail is offered only in iGoogle sandbox, which is aimed at developers testing out the new iGoogle gadgets. However, you too can use it by signing up here.
    Enter your First Name, Last Name and email address and hit Submit. You'll be taken to the new iGoogle page.
  3. Add the Gmail gadget.

    Click on Add Stuff on top right hand corner of the screen, and add the Gmail gadget.
  4. There is no fourth step. You're done.
    If everything went correct, your Gmail inbox will be seen on the iGoogle home page. Click on any email to open it in full screen.
Currently, the iGoogle Gmail gadget provides options to read, compose and archieve your mails, but Labels are not supported.

So what do you think of this post? Did it work for you? Or did your system administrator read this post much before you did? Tell us about it in the comments.

Scrap Without name

Scrap Without nameFor sending scraps without name follow the steps:
1) Open edit profile
2) Delete First and Second Name
3) Then on the first name text box type ALT + 0173 (i.e. Type 0173 while pressing the ALT key of your keyboard.)
4) Do the same in the Second Name Box.
5) Click Update.

Now you are done you can send scraps without your name

View Friends Scrap more Than the Limit in Orkut

View Friends Scrap more Than the LimitStep1: Open Friends scrapbook
Step2: Look in your address bar (i.e the place where u type You will see this address written
Step3: Add this code"&na=&nst=&nid=&pageSize=30" at the end of the address. It will look like this
30 over specifies that you can view 30 scraps of the scrapbook you are looking into.If u like our work Do Refer Your Friends so that we can continue

Search Rapidshare with Rapidshare Search Engines

Lets talk about Rapidshare today, i know you all must have downloaded and uploaded files from this 12th most popular website on earth according to Alexa. They do have a large database of files, and whenever you are searching for something like files or tools, that something is very likely to be present in rapidhare’s database. But the problem you might have faced is to how to search Rapidshare’s giant pile up of files. You have always missed a true rapidshare searcher, So, I am going to tell you some easy ways of rapidshare searching.

Search Rapidshare using Google
When we talk about search, Google can never be avoided. Yes, we can do Rapidshare search with the help of some tricky google queries too. So, what all you need to do is just put some standard search operators like inurl:pdf aviwmvmpgnva inurl:mp3
for example if you are searching for xyz software in zip format then Google, inurl:zip xyz or inurl:zip xyz

Best Rapidshare Search Engines
Ok, if you don’t want to use those complex looking operators, then you can use following search engines which are made specifically for doing rapidshare. There are hundreds of rapidshare search tools, i have compiled a list of some of the best for you.

These rapidshare search engines wil make your life easy. Now use them and kill your bandwidth.